DRD-7Fs is Sound Enhancement Processor based on ZARAM's high performance 24bit DSP and Dedekind R&D's patent sound effect algorithm.

DRD-7Fs enhances sound quality regardless of speaker size, sound volume and dynamic range.

It provides live 3D sound and is the best solution to solve conflicting problems of better sound vs. broken sound, better sound vs. costs, better sound vs. small sound, and better sound vs. small speaker.

  • 3D Sound by LEF(Live Enhancement Filter)
  • No broken sound by Double Automatic Enhancement Gain Controllers
  • Optimizing to small (size & stroke) speaker by Automatic Power Banc Controller
  • Optimal sound quality for both clear speech and rich music by Automatic Speech Signal Detection
  • Compensation to synthesized too strong base by Automatic Base Compensator
  • Compensation music sound power band by Fixed Equalizers