ZTI LGW-COT12p/24p (GAM: G.hn Aggregated Multiplexer)) products are based G.hn 2.0 G.9960/G.9961 technology that enable data rates up to 1Gbps over legacy bundle copper cable(bundle phone line)to address Gigabit speed internet associated with FTTH(Fiber to the home) applications. Crosstalk in non-shield bundle cabled optimized with Marvell G.now feature with 5time+ speed(500~1000Mbps) than VDSL2 with same environment. Investment of FTTH is expensive for deployment with SoC, SFP module, labor, scattered population, problems with fiber wiring to the home, and slow roll-outs. ZTI LGW-COT12p/24p(GAM) G.hn 2.0-Based FTTdp (Fiber to the distribution point) solution has an impressive performance, is easier to deploy and provides substantial CAPEX savings compared to traditional FTTH.

ZTI LGW-COT12p/24p(GAM) Series products enable Carriers to deliver FTTH-class service to MDU apartments while avoiding the costs of replacing copper wires with fiber and truck-roll. These Gigabit speed data rates ensure the access network is future-proof and ready to provide high quality services such as multi-stream FHD/UHD IPTV, cloud-based storage or 802.11ac wireless hotspots.

  • ITU-T G.9960 and G.9961 compliant
  • 12/24Port G.hn Interface, 12/24Port Phone Interface
  • 1G/10G optical modules
  • 2 different uplink modules supported
  • Marvell PonCAT3 High Performance Switch
  • 88LX5153/2730, G.hn 2.0 Digital/AFE Processor
  • Max. 1000Mbps Ethernet throughput
  • Dynamic PSD, Power Mask Notching
  • Priority Parameter based QoS
  • IPv6 supported
  • Provides 5-10 times speed than legacy VDSL
    • increased spectrum( up to 200MHz)
    • TDD with configurable unlink/downlink ratio
    • NDIM technology for interference mitigation
  • Advanced energy-saving technology


ZTI LGW-RTxP product is ITU-T G.hn networking standard compliant Ethernet Terminal for any copper wire medium. LGW-RTxP is a G.now Slave modem utilized over phoneline and gigabit speed data service. LGW-RTxP provide one or four GE prot for IP device aggregation in Home.