ZVMP500 is high performance multimedia signal processor based on SPARC v8 Dual Core Processor and Zaram's proprietary 16bit DSP.

ZVMP500 provides optimal solution for audio/speech signal processing.

Key Features

  • SPARC v8 32-bit Dual Core RISC Processor : Max 1,100 DMIPS(Dhrystone Million Instructions Per Second)
  • 1MByte On-Chip SRAM, 512KB ROM
  • High Speed USB 2.0 with OTG support
  • 2 PLLs : 1 PLL for CPU core clock generation, 1 PLL for AUDIO clock
  • 6 Channel 10-bit ADC
  • On-Chip Sigma-Delta AUDIO Codec (18bit ADC, 24bit DAC)
  • SMIC 55nm Low Leakage Process
  • External LPDDR Interface
  • I2S Interface
  • I2C Interface
  • NAND Flash Interface up to 96bit ECC support
  • 2X SD Card Interface
  • LCD Interface, 16 GPIO, Timer
  • Support flexible boot device (Serial PROM, SD-Card, NAND/NOR flash boot)
  • 16bit DSP co-processor for multimedia data processing

Fully proven by main processor of Philips Digital Voice Tracer, Speech Recognition Application, and Hand Written Recognition system.