Growing and Growing, Zaram
About Zaram
About Zaram
Zaram Technology is specialized in non-memory semiconductor chip design that approved by
Global 5G leading companies. At the same time, Zaram has the design capability for communication equipments and manufacture technology for communication semiconductors and the network equipments with optical components.
A Small but Strong Enterprise with the source technology of DSP and processor design
Zaram has been selected and certified as a Global Strong SME by the Korea Industrial Technology Association under the Ministry of Science and ICT and assigned to be an Excellent Technology Research Center by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in July, 2017.
Zaram has 73 registered patents and 3 applied patents, which are implemented on the existing products.
The first XGSPON SoC in Korea Success on development and commercialization
Zaram is the first one to successfully develop XGSPON SoC with the new generation optical communication standard based on the excellent design technology domestically.
It is a essential technology for the new generation FTTH(Fiber to the home) and linking the 5G Front-haul and Back-haul connection which has been utilized by only a few global leading companies so far.
Beyonf the 5G Era Leading the future communication environment
Zaram will dominate the market with XGSPON Soc which mainly used as the core technology on 5G Small cell Back-haul market, the new generation FTTH market and the 5G Fixed wireless Access market. Furthermore, Zaram is going to involve actively into the development for 25G and 100G leading technology and the new generation technology standard to maintain the high competitiveness for the successful commercialization of 10Giga communication semiconductor.
About Zaram
  • Company Name
    Zaram Technology Inc.
  • CEO
    Joon Hyun Baek
  • Established at
    1st, 2000
  • Main products
    XGSPON, Gigawire, Optical Transceivers and etc.
  • HQ Location
    2nd Floor Fine Venture Building, 41, Seongnam-daero 925beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam si, Gyeonggi-do, Rep of Korea
  • Employee
    46 Employee