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Corporate Responsiblity
Corporate Responsiblity

Conflict-free Minerals Control Policy

Zatam Technology has established and implemented a policy not to use conflict minerals (Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten, Gold) produced in conflict areas (areas with risks of armed conflict, violence, human rights violations, labor abuse, etc.).
We are also building and improving processes that follow the due diligence guidelines of the OECD.

Zaram Technology carries out the process below to block the use of conflict minerals.
  • * Receipt of request for investigation into the supply chain of conflict minerals from the customer company
  • * Request to send and complete CMRT to tier 1 supplier
  • * Review the responses from the tier 1 supplier, and provied feedback to the supplier for insufficient information
  • * Approval after final inspection of written contents
  • * Conduct due diligence on all contents every year